Rue is Completely Fine

Inspired by “The Things They Carried” Tim O’Brien   Aeroplanes carry everything but the inability to store your separation anxiety in the cargo hold is somewhat disconcerting. I carried with me two suitcases of clothes. Mother insisted I did not need that many clothes but how was she to know what person I intended to … Continue reading Rue is Completely Fine

Mirror Mirror

Mirror mirror on the wall,  How long 'til they watch you fall.  With shining eyes and a smile that glows,  I wonder if they can see your flaws.  When your eyes shine, I wonder if it's the drugs you take to forget or the tears that fall when you cannot forget.  Your eyes are heavy … Continue reading Mirror Mirror


As the beautiful yellow being goes to rest And the largely opaque one comes to keep us company  the mood of the universe changes She beckons to him with different sounds  And beautiful African beats that soothes the mind.  The whispers of the wind are like the seductive hands of a dancer. The incessant crickets … Continue reading Africa